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Plunker and Angular JS.

Hi Everyone!

Let’s talk about Plunker, what is it and how is it related to Angular JS.

Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas. Plunker is the best tool to prototype, experiment, share and debug your ideas on the web platform. From idea to implementation, Plunker helps you build the web.

This is what they say in technical terms, let me clarify this.


Plunker or plnkr is an integrated web development environment and is completely written in AngularJS. The plunker website also provides you to write plunks(codes) and share it with other developers.

There is also the ability to search for popular JavaScript library and refer it to your current plunk. Another feature is the live preview which is quite handy when you are learning AngularJS as you can see the result of your code change in real-time.

Some of the other features are the ability to do real-time collaboration on Plunker and I recommend that if you are going to do any serious AngularJS development then try Plunker first.

A really handy feature is that you can use almost any framework right from the editor, without any complex setup.

We can code up Angular in the browser using plunker. It gives us the ability to try our Angular quickly without requiring complex setup.

It also gives us a unique URL so:

  1. We can quickly take a look at some code another person has written.
  2. We can share our code with other people, which is especially useful when we are stuck with some broken code and need help.

Why do most Angular JS people prefer Plunker?

The material reason is that Plunker allows creating an arbitrary number of files, while JSFiddle (or JSBin, for that matter) restrict you to one HTML + one CSS + one JS. Plunker also allows downloading the project as a ZIP.

Plunker allows you to describe a larger example of functional Angular.js code than JSFiddle.  It also gives better feedback and real-time previews as you type.

JSFiddle, on the other hand, allows you to quickly share a single example of some functional code, mainly a jQuery snippet of some sort.

Both are great platforms and have contributed so much to the community.

So, I hope that you liked this post and got some useful information. Stay tuned for more such contents.

Thank You.

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