10 tips for better freelancing

How to improve yourself as a freelancer? Here are 10 points to take care of:

  1. Communication Skills – convincing power
  2. Make yourself a brand, your ethics will define your future in freelancing. This will help you in scaling also
  3. Consistency, Focus and Dedication
  4. Productivity is Gold, know your value, do math and target for a monthly number
  5. Read!! know clients requirements in depth, if it is small task, fix already without getting the project. This approach will consume time without paying, but would probably make you better
  6. keep challenging yourself, keep improving
  7. Stay away from template bids, no body wants to know which app you did 4 years ago if the project not about an app
  8. Keep your portfolio updated
  9. Take care of clock, predict and quote project timelines intelligently
  10. Exceed expectations of your Client, under-promise and over-deliver

How to migrate Customers from Magento2 to WordPress?

Lets break it into 2 parts:

a. Migrate Customer data
b. Migrate Customer Passwords

1) Migrate Customer Data from Magento2 to WordPress

This is rather easy to be honest, there are several plugins for importing data from CSV and then mapping the CSV fields.

My recommended plugin is Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite by SkyVerge

It basically does everything from customer email to customer address data. It also provides column mapping and custom attribute import for all users. Also comes with multiple configuration options.

Best Free Alternative is https://wordpress.org/plugins/import-users-from-csv-with-meta
But in this one, you can not import magento2 passwords as of v
I will update about the solution very soon. So as of now only paid option is there.

2) Migrate Customer Password from Magento2 to WordPress

This wordpress plugin checks and updates passwords of users migrated from Magento2 to WordPress
Plugin Link: https://github.com/harshvardhanmalpani/migrate-password-from-magento2-to-wordpress


  1. user_pass column will have this kind data from Magento2 dcbdc524f215fd054502dcad5a23a702ec029c02ff8d7051d049f76e29927f8b:C8yVqeuPfkHWvkmipx0iKLPtOUGETpLL:1
  2. usermeta table must have a meta_key “migrated_cs” for this user, meta_value can be anything positive
  3. This plugin file password-migrator.php should be in wp-content/plugins and must be an active plugin

What is does?

For new wordpress based users which dont have anything to do with magento2, it doesnt do anything

For all migrated users (those have the key “migrated_cs”), this plugin checks if input password matches old password from magento2 or not, if matched, it clears the key migrated_cs and updates the password using wordpress’ algorithm ; else results false.