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JavaScript debugging dev tools.

Errors can and will happen every time you write some new computer code.

Programming code might contain syntax errors or logical errors. Many of these errors are difficult to diagnose.

Often, when programming code contains errors, nothing will happen. There are no error messages, and you will get no indications where to search for errors.

Searching for (and fixing) errors in programming code is called code debugging. And believe me, that’s not easy but the most valuable skill a developer could have.

Hence, here I am with top JavaScript debugging tools.

Chrome DevTools:

chrome dev tools

Google Chrome DevTools is a set of debugging tools that can be used to debug JavaScript code right from the Chrome browser as they are inbuilt. You can get to interact with HTML, CSS and JavaScript all from the browser simply by clicking the inspect element button.

It has the resources panel for inspecting the storage of web pages such as the HTML5 database, cookies, local storage etc.

You may have been using Chrome all these years without knowing that it has a debugging tool with so much power.

Sublime Web Inspector:

SublimewebinspectorThe sublime web inspector is a javascript debugging tools. The sublime web inspector allows you to debug, whatever you edit in your programs. It works on top of Web Inspector Protocol.

If you use Sublime Text Editor for your JavaScript editing, then Sublime Web Inspector allows you to debug from the same program you edit with. It works on top of WebInspectorProtocol, with all information displayed in console and text files.

Node.js Inspector for Debugging Requests to Node Apps

Debugging the Node.js on your application’s backend can be challenging. The following tools take advantage of the capabilities of the Node.js Inspector to assist you:


React Developer Tools

IN THE BROWSER: The React tab shows props and state values if they exist for the selected elements.So, these were the four debugger tools that can make debugging easier for you. You can learn to use them through the tutorials available online for free. Hope you liked the article.

Thank You.

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