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Everything about Free SSL certification & HTTPS redirection.

Here you are to make your site a secured one. So that your visitors don’t hesitate to surf your site.

Before we begin let’s understand a bit about SSL certification & HTTPS redirection.


Just imagine how Whatsapp is an end to end encrypted messaging system, well! we are not talking about a messaging system here, but you got the idea.

Similarly, to establish an encrypted end to end connection between a web browser and a server you need a certification called SSL certificate.

HTTPS can be seen as the mark of security on your site, confirming that your site is under end to end encrypted connection.

Top Free SSL certification providers:

Now arises a question, How do you get this certification for free?

Here is a list of top Free SSL certificate providers.

  • Let’s Encrypt – Created by Linux Foundation with the internet security research group.
  • CAcert Free Certification Authority – CAcert has a variety of free SSL/TLS certifications available. Depending on the certification you get, they expire every six months, 12 months, or 24 months and you have to meet with the CAcert volunteer each time you renew it.
  • Comodo – It comes with the highest possible strength 256 bit. Offers a 90 days free certificate.
  • Cloud Flare – Cloud Flare is a security and a CDN company which offers universal free SSL/TLS certification. Sets up under 5 minutes and is the most user-friendly certificate provider.
  • SSL.com – The certification issued by this company is accepted by 99.9% of browsers and websites.
  • SSL For free – Good for an entire year before you have to renew it. Runs on ACME server of Let’s Encrypt.
  • StartCom – Maybe the best one for a personal website or a blog, It will give you one unlimited domain-validated SSL/TLS certificate completely free.
  • WoSign – These certifications are good for two years before you have to renew them, and they use automatic authentication, so they’re up and running in a few minutes.

5 Best WP plugins to manage SSL & HTTPS on your site:

Once you are done with your certification now is the time to manage it. You could have a hard time managing it if you are not a developer. In that case, plugins are always there to help you out, And that’s what makes WP the best CMS.

  • Really Simple SSL – Enables SSL just in one click, aims at keeping it simple with minimal options.
  • CM HTTPS Pro – This is a complete solution for installing SSL certification on your site and move from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • WP Force SSL – A basic plugin to redirect your HTTP site to HTTPS version. Don’t hope too much from it. (For simple blogs)
  • Easy HTTPS redirection – Ability to force load static files, such as images, css, js, etc., using HTTPS.
  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer – solve insecure content warning easily. Performs basic fixes after implementing SSL.

Blogger Bonus:

If your site is at blogger.com (a Google’s product), then congrats you don’t need to consider any of the above things.

You are just two clicks away from your free SSL certification & HTTPS redirection, And that also from Google.

Steps: For blogger.com
  1. Login to your blogger.com account.
  2. Go to settings > basics.
  3. There you will find two checkboxes regarding HTTPS, check both boxes as yes.

blogger screenshot.

That’s it you are done. I really loved this feature of blogger, Google made it so simple. (It may take up to 15 minutes)

So this is it. I hope you enjoyed the article. I would love to see you in some other article.

Thank You.

Author: Harshvardhan Malpani

PHP Developer based in New Delhi, India. Working as a freelance web developer providing server deployment, website development and maintenance services.

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