– one of the WORST partners to work with

This is possibly pure frustration post but allow me to put my arguments here. I will describe all the ways this company is one of the worst software companies I have ever worked with on behalf of a client.

The Absolute Worst Affiliate Partner Program: Why Should Be Avoided at All Costs reviews state as BAD

When choosing an affiliate partner program, businesses need reliability, cost-effectiveness, and strong support. Unfortunately, falls woefully short in all these areas, earning a reputation as one of the worst affiliate platforms in the industry. Here’s an in-depth look at why partnering with could be a disastrous decision for your business.

Exorbitant Onboarding Fees

From the very start, hits businesses with exorbitant onboarding fees. According to their fee structure, the onboarding services alone cost a whopping $500, which is a significant upfront expense for many businesses. Additionally, there is a $2,500 Advocate Jumpstart fee, further burdening companies right from the beginning.

Astronomically High Subscription Costs

The subscription fees at are not only high but also unjustifiably steep. For example, the Subscription Fee for Partnership Cloud Essentials is $1,000 per month, which is considerably higher than many of its competitors. Additionally, the Advocate Essentials subscription costs $500 monthly. Over a subscription term, the total fees can balloon to an eye-watering $18,000. This high cost is a significant strain on any business’s finances, especially considering the subpar service provided.

Abysmal Customer Support

Customer support at is notoriously poor. Described as “third-class” by numerous users, the support team is unresponsive and unhelpful. Reports of long wait times and unresolved issues are common, leading to severe operational disruptions. In an era where good customer service is crucial,’s abysmal support can significantly damage a business’s reputation and efficiency​.

Case in Point: Event Tracking Charge

A glaring example of’s poor customer service is the scenario where a support ticket was raised to request a new “event” to track. Despite the contract covering five events, only two were provided by default. After a 12-day delay, responded, stating they would charge $540 for the new event. This is a clear breach of the contractual agreement(initial contract covers up to 5 event trackers), adding unexpected costs and wasting valuable time.

Burdensome and Ineffectual Contracts locks businesses into lengthy, rigid contracts that are difficult to exit. These contracts often offer little to no flexibility, making it hard for companies to adapt to changing needs or switch providers if they are dissatisfied. Many clients feel trapped in multi-year agreements with no easy way out, leading to prolonged dissatisfaction and financial strain.

Excessive and Unwarranted Overcharging

One of the most egregious practices of is the relentless overcharging for every minor request or service adjustment. For instance, the incremental usage rate for Partnership Cloud Essentials is 18.18%, and for Advocate Essentials, it’s $6.94 per action. This nickel-and-diming approach leads to exorbitant bills that quickly add up, further straining a company’s budget. This constant overcharging exacerbates the already high subscription costs, making a financial drain on businesses.

Case in Point: Integration Delays

Another troubling instance was the delay in approving the integration after signing the contract. began charging subscription fees immediately upon contract signing, but the approval for integration was delayed by several days. This delay meant businesses paid for services they could not yet use, leading to financial loss and operational setbacks.

No Trial or Testing Environment

Adding to the frustration, does not offer any trial or testing environment until you sign an annual contract with them. This means businesses are forced to commit financially without the ability to test the platform’s capabilities and suitability for their needs. This lack of a trial period is a significant drawback, leaving businesses at a disadvantage and potentially stuck with a service that does not meet their expectations.

Buggy and Poorly Designed UI

The user interface (UI) of’s application is another major pain point. Users frequently report that the UI is buggy and poorly designed, leading to a frustrating user experience. Navigation is cumbersome, and the system often lags or crashes, further complicating day-to-day operations. A poorly designed UI can significantly hinder productivity and efficiency, making the platform more of a hindrance than a help.

Damaging to Business Operations

The cumulative effect of these issues—high costs, poor support, restrictive contracts, relentless overcharging, no trial environment, and a buggy UI—makes detrimental to any business’s operations. Companies using report increased operational inefficiencies, decreased customer satisfaction, and a tarnished reputation. The negative impact on business performance and morale is substantial, with many businesses ultimately regretting their decision to partner with

Conclusion’s combination of exorbitant onboarding fees, astronomically high subscription costs, abysmal customer support, burdensome and ineffectual contracts, excessive overcharging, no trial environment, and a buggy UI make it the worst affiliate partner program to work with. Businesses seeking a reliable and cost-effective affiliate platform should steer clear of to avoid the numerous pitfalls and financial hardships associated with their services.

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