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How to remain updated with changes in web development.

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Hello all!

In the world of coding, things keep changing and as a developer, you ought to be always updated with new technologies and things coming up.

And nowadays changes happen very fast, almost every month something new comes in the world of web development.

Today I will be right to the point. This one is a short article.

In order to remain updated with changes in the field of web-development, often we search for it on the internet.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all the updates automatically every week. So, brace yourself that’s what I am gonna tell you today.

Below I am providing 2 newsletters, You just have to subscribe to these weekly newsletters and every week you will be updated with the latest changes via E-mail.


  • Frontend Focus: A once–weekly roundup of the best front-end news, articles, and tutorials. HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser tech, and more.

  • JavaScript Weekly: A free, once–weekly email roundup of JavaScript news and article.

Now every week just sit and wait for your newsletter to arrive with all the latest updates of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, browsers, and more.

So, this was all for this article. If you know some similar or better resources than please share it in the comments.

Thank You.

Author: Swastik

Hi everyone. This is Swastik, I am very much interested in new technologies like AI and Machine learning. If you are also interested then you can follow me along on my site. Thank You.

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