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A list of few productivity plugins and useful websites for web developers

Browser Extensions

1. To know the platform and background details of any website – use Wappalyzer (chrome extension)

2. To protect privacy over internet, use privacy badger (chrome extension)

3. To get away with distractions, use stayfocusd (chrome extension)

4. You hate CORS warnings in console, to get rid of them, use Allow-Control-Allow-Origin plugin for chrome

5. Developers and sys admins keep playing with DNS all the time, but browsers use cache and are lazy in updating the record. Use DNS Flusher

6. Sometimes, you just want to check the website before actually moving the DNS or IP record, use Virtual Hosts (chrome extension)
you can set IP of any domain name to anything

7. JSONView – use this extension to view any json with indentation

8. For sharing screenshots very quick, you can use two plugins Nimbus screenshot and Lightshot


Useful Websites

HTML Online Editor

Free online HTML editor with WYSIWYG and source composer and instant preview and many useful built-in features

Stack Overflow

Huge programmer community where you usually don’t have to ask for help because probably someone has already answered the same question.


The place to learn web technologies. There’s a big chance that this site gives the first search result when you’re looking for a HTML term.


Collaborate with other developers. Fork, send pull requests and manage all your public and private git repositories.

Built With

Enter a domain name to find out who is hosting it, what CMS and framework is used and many other insights.


Fast real-time website screenshot API. If you are a backend guy, handling multiple sites and uptime can get messy. This api can really help you in managing the tasks relating to visibility of your website across the web.

HTML Color Codes

Search and save color codes. Search by name or mix the RGB, HSV or CMYK values. Use the generated HTML/CSS codes.


Browse the large directory of free photos, vector arts, icons, illustrations, PSD files at FreePic.

PageSpeed Insights

This tool by Google analyzes the submitted link from mobile and desktop to suggest you what to consider optimizing.

Google Fonts

An interactive directory of over 800 free hosted web fonts. It allows to optimize loading speed by including only what you need.


Image placeholders with customizable size. Just add the image resolution after the domain name, for example placehold.it/400×250

Speed Test by GT-Metrix

Analize the loading speed of a website from many available servers. The website creates a detailed analysis with screenshot and waterfall view.

Similar sites- Pingdom  and WebpageTest.org


The most popular icon set based on CSS and LESS. The vector icons can be customized as text – size, color, drop shadow

XML Sitemaps

Generate XML sitemaps and URL list of a website. The crawl limit is 500 pages.

Post Image

Post images online for free and share them via links on messages, forums or emails


Register to create, save and share HTML-CSS-JS code snippets and run them online.

Write PHP Online

Name suggests it all. Post your code and see what it does. In PHP


Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time and share it with anybody or privately

Author: Harshvardhan Malpani

PHP Developer based in New Delhi, India. Working as a freelance web developer providing server deployment, website development and maintenance services.

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