Atomas Android Game Hack Cheat and Titanium Backup Saved game patch

In this article, I am going to discuss how to cheat the game Atomas – available at Google Play store for free.

What is Atomas?

Well, Atomas is a fascinating puzzle game, which you can learn in seconds but will entertain you for weeks. The perfect game for your spare time!

Your little universe starts with hydrogen atoms only but with the help of the energy rich plus atoms you are able to fusion two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, 2 helium atoms into one lithium atom and so on. Your primary goal is to create the valuable elements like Gold, Platinum and Silver.

Download it from google android app store Download atomas game.


  • Rooted Android Phone (full root access)
  • Any file manager capable of editing xml file (ES File explorer)
  • Titanium Backup (optional)
  • Patch file (edited xml data)


  1. Close the running instance of the Game(if any) and also remove it from recent apps
  2. Open your file manager/explorer and move to /data/data/com.sirnic.atomas/shared_prefs
  3. You must find a file named Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml in this folder. This file is in xml format and hence stores all the info of the current state of game.
  4. Replace this file with the file mentioned in the Requirements section. Or you can alternatively click here to download the file Atomas Game – Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml
  5. Run the Game and Enjoy 😉


Shell script for instant black mass atom (-6) to add any two atoms

busybox killall com.sirnic.atomas
orgusermal=`ls -ln /data/data/com.sirnic.atomas/shared_prefs/Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml | busybox awk '{print $3}'`
busybox sed -i 's:::' /data/data/com.sirnic.atomas/shared_prefs/Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml
chown $orgusermal.$orgusermal /data/data/com.sirnic.atomas/shared_prefs/Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml

How it works? A question for curious ones

This is a tricky part on the name of XML. Since the data is stored in key and data format, it was not too tough to observe which entry stores what information for the game Atomas.

Look at this file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
 <int name="classic_ufg_b8" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b9" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b4" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b5" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b6" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b7" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b0" value="129" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b1" value="129" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b2" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b3" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_nu" value="27597" />
 <int name="timeStamp3" value="0" />
 <string name="lastName">Technacy</string>
 <int name="classic_ufg_s" value="129766" />
 <int name="supernovas" value="339" />
 <int name="classic_ufg" value="1" />
 <boolean name="hide_ads" value="true" />
 <int name="luckyCharm" value="7" />
 <int name="neutrinoIntro" value="1" />
 <int name="gamesPlayed2" value="4" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_lv" value="105" />
 <int name="soundOn" value="1" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_hv" value="114" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_mc" value="3141" />
 <int name="localscore_5" value="0" />
 <int name="classic_highelement" value="129" />
 <int name="localscore_4" value="0" />
 <int name="isFirstStart" value="1" />
 <int name="localscore_7" value="0" />
 <int name="localscore_6" value="0" />
 <int name="localscore_1" value="1391" />
 <int name="localscore_0" value="4454" />
 <int name="localscore_3" value="297" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_mwp" value="0" />
 <int name="localscore_2" value="1335" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b19" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b16" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b15" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b18" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b17" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_highscore" value="78454" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b11" value="-10" />
 <int name="wasRated1" value="1" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b12" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b13" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b14" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_cb" value="-1" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_b10" value="-10" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_lc" value="1" />
 <int name="classic_ufg_rnu" value="0" />
 <string name="localname_9"></string>
 <boolean name="gameCenterAndroidLogIn" value="true" />
 <string name="localname_6"></string>
 <int name="classic_ufg_b24" value="-10" />
 <string name="localname_5"></string>
 <string name="localname_8"></string>
 <int name="classic_ufg_b22" value="-10" />
 <string name="localname_7"></string>
 <int name="classic_ufg_b23" value="-10" />
 <string name="localname_2">Malpani</string>
 <int name="classic_ufg_b20" value="-10" />
 <string name="localname_1">Harsh</string>
 <int name="classic_ufg_b21" value="-10" />
 <string name="localname_4"></string>
 <string name="localname_3">Technacy</string>
 <string name="localname_0">Technacy</string>
 <int name="localscore_8" value="0" />
 <int name="localscore_9" value="0" />


  • The value classic_ufg_cb stores the current atom details.
    • Value 0 is for Hydrogen and thus increasing numbers for higher atoms. ex 7 for oxygen and 5 for carbon
    • -1 means Plus atom
    • -2 means minus
    • -4 means anti matter
    • -5 means copy atom
    • -6 means black plus
  • classic_ufg_s stores current score
  • classic_ufg_lv and classic_ufg_hv store range of atoms which come randomly after every turn (Low and High value)
  • classic_highelement stores the highest atoms discovered in the game.
  • More things can be deduced as the names are quite self-explanatory





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