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  • How to disable products in Magento2 which dont have any gallery image?

    It is SQL query Assumption: value=2 means disable and value=1 means enable attribute_id=96 means “status” attribute References: https://gist.github.com/tegansnyder/8464261#gistcomment-2910808 https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/83033/32283

  • How to remove sign in popup from Magento 2 checkout page?

    Magento2 has this authentication pop up on checkout page, which many store owners wont like to see on their checkout page. Background of this pop up area and Related files The pop up itself is generated by Magento_Customer::account/authentication-popup.phtml But this pop up works very differently on checkout page. In fact this is a separate pop…

  • Magento 2.1x Cron Jobs

    Cron JobsAdd through cPanel/WHM Time interval – 10 minutes -> */10 * * * * Replace ^username^ with user dir Using Crontab editor in Terminal Use command crontab -e