How to switch your DNS to Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS on Windows 10?

So, this is the scenario. You are using some local ISP which has its own DNS server fulfilling your DNS requests but to speed things up and not rely upon a DNS server which is updated less frequently. For that purpose,we can switch our computer’s DNS to some other public DNS like Google’s or Cloudflare DNS.

Step 1: Right click the Network Icon in your task bar.

Network Icon in Taskbar
Right Click the network icon in taskbar

Step 2: Choose “Open Network & Sharing Settings

Click Open Network & Sharing Settings
Click Open Network & Sharing Settings

Step 3: Click on “Change Adapter Options

change adapter options
change adapter options

Step 4: Right click on the active hardware and select “properties

adapter properties
adapter properties

Step 5: Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and Click Properties button in the bottom

IPv4 Properties

Step 6: Input the IP addresses after choosing “Use the following DNS Server Addresses

put dns ip here
put dns ip here

Step 7: Select OK to close the pop up window. Restart your browser and have a better browsing experience.

Cloudflare’s Public DNS Servers/addresses for IPv4:

Cloudflare’s Public DNS Servers/addresses for IPv6:


Google’s DNS Servers for IPv4:

The Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses are:


What happened to Welcome the new domain

So is now being redirected to and the same applies for its subdomain

Earlier the campaigns at google work communities are now hosted at

It is interesting to note that it uses .goog and not .google TLD, here is some more info about .goog TLD

In the past we have seen .google tld for many purposes like AI to Everyone at     and Google’s design lab and research on design technology

The future will be interesting in terms of TLDs when banks, tech giants and telecom companies are switching their websites to their own custom TLDs and regular people can hardly remember the apparently new gTLDs.

Basics about advertisements and Google Adsense

On 15th Year Anniversary of GOogle Adsense and their partnerships with Publishers, google published a youtube video briefly explaining all the basic keywords related to Adsense.

15 words to sum up 15 years?
That's easy! Okay, let's go.
Content is at the heart of the web.
And publishers?
You power that web. Without you that place would be quite empty.
Ads? Ads bring the revenue that helps to fund it all while helping you reach your…
Goals! Goals like growing your business, doing something you love and sharing it with the world creating…
Memories? So many good memories!
You've told us that Adsense has funded your weddings,
helped you buy your homes or hire new teams. We feel part of your…
Community. A community that grows with you recommending us. Thank you!
Beginnings. It's been 15 years since we ran our first ads, they were text only back then.
Today? Today Adsense is truly global!
Urdu, Japanese or French – We speak 45 languages. And counting.
Change…is constant, especially on the web.
We've been evolving with you and your audience needs for the past 15 years,
to help you provide the best possible…
…Experiences. As the look and feel of websites have improved over the years
we built native ads to complement them,
while always giving you the…
Control. To decide what type of ads will show on your site.
Platforms? All of them. Mobile, Video and whatever will come next – we have you covered.
Time. Saved. With smart automated ad placements,
keeping things simple for you so that you can focus on creating great content.
Simplicity. Always. Our team's goal: making it easier to grow your business.
Okay and last but not least.
Happy Birthday! Absolutely. 15 years is a milestone we should all celebrate.
But the web doesn't wait so time to get back to work.
Can I finish my cake first?

Watch the video here