Developer v/s Hacker v/s Programmer v/s Computer Scientist.

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In this article, I will talk about Hackers, Programmers, Developers, and Computer Scientists. The level of their knowledge and expertise. I will try to keep it simple while explaining their roles in the industry and how they are different from each other and plays a different role.

We will also try to figure out who is more suitable for what job.

With this article, I am not judging any profession, because I understand very well that every profession has its own importance in the industry. The entire industry will collapse if even one of them vanishes.

So, without any further due, Let’s begin.

Computer Scientist.

A Computer scientist is the one who experiments with different computer languages. They know everything from the binary (bit 0,1,0,1) to all the way to software and hardware.

Understanding the Algorithm and Data structures. These people are often very good at Mathematics. Without any doubt, a computer scientist is at the top.

Yet! They are not directly involved in the industry that much. The reason being their extreme knowledge. Yes, you heard it right. They are mostly focused on solving big problems.

A computer scientist is the one who develops or invents new programming languages.

For instance, Tim-Berner-Lee is a very well known Computer Scientist. You can check about his latest project Here. Thanks, him if you are using the World Wide Web (www).


A programmer is the one who understands a pre-written programming language and uses it to write a program for machines or computer to say.

They understand almost all the programming languages that exist in their era. They never stop learning.

They write programs on which different software runs.

A programmer may be working on different languages at a time, while the work of a computer scientist is very specialized.


A Developer is surely the most sought and in-demand professional in the industry.

They understand and masters a particular computer language. While as mentioned earlier a programmer can be working with almost all existing languages at a time.

They possess a very specialized knowledge.

For example:

  • Android developer
  • IOS developer
  • Web developer


A Hacker is the one who works in an emergency scenario. Knowledge level of a hacker depends on individuals.

Their knowledge is not syllabus based.

Basically, they find bugs in the system and hacks it (with the owner’s permission). Just tries to enter the system anyhow.

Sometimes a hacker could be as good as a developer or a programmer.

Kinds of hackers:

  • Ethical hacker (White hat hacker)
  • Unethical hacker (Black hat hacker) – Illegal

Quick summary:

  • Computer Scientist – Research-based specialized work, inventing new languages.
  • Programmer – Knows and understands many languages and writes code for software and machines.
  • Developer – Specialized knowledge, master in a particular language.
  • Hacker – Works in the emergency case to save the data and system.

So,  that is it for this article. Once again I will say – I am not judging any profession.

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