Commands not to be used on terminal as a root user

First one on list is the infamous 8 characters in that particular order

rm -rf /

Sometimes we just want to remove the current directory for which the command is rm -rf ./ but you keyboard skips the dot and you end up in a deadzone.

Second one would be:

ifdown eth0

wow!!, you just disconnected your server from internet.

Basics about advertisements and Google Adsense

On 15th Year Anniversary of GOogle Adsense and their partnerships with Publishers, google published a youtube video briefly explaining all the basic keywords related to Adsense.

15 words to sum up 15 years?
That's easy! Okay, let's go.
Content is at the heart of the web.
And publishers?
You power that web. Without you that place would be quite empty.
Ads? Ads bring the revenue that helps to fund it all while helping you reach your…
Goals! Goals like growing your business, doing something you love and sharing it with the world creating…
Memories? So many good memories!
You've told us that Adsense has funded your weddings,
helped you buy your homes or hire new teams. We feel part of your…
Community. A community that grows with you recommending us. Thank you!
Beginnings. It's been 15 years since we ran our first ads, they were text only back then.
Today? Today Adsense is truly global!
Urdu, Japanese or French – We speak 45 languages. And counting.
Changeā€¦is constant, especially on the web.
We've been evolving with you and your audience needs for the past 15 years,
to help you provide the best possible…
…Experiences. As the look and feel of websites have improved over the years
we built native ads to complement them,
while always giving you the…
Control. To decide what type of ads will show on your site.
Platforms? All of them. Mobile, Video and whatever will come next – we have you covered.
Time. Saved. With smart automated ad placements,
keeping things simple for you so that you can focus on creating great content.
Simplicity. Always. Our team's goal: making it easier to grow your business.
Okay and last but not least.
Happy Birthday! Absolutely. 15 years is a milestone we should all celebrate.
But the web doesn't wait so time to get back to work.
Can I finish my cake first?

Watch the video here

Receiving money in India | Why PayPal sucks and What are the charges?

So Why is Paypal bad? No, In theory It is not bad. It is an easy mode of payment transfer when comes to my international clients. But being an Indian citizen, why I never prefer Paypal as payment mode. Let us take a look.

So, I am going to explain it with an example of payment that I received from United Kingdom.
My client sent me 103.60 GBP which at the time of transaction was equivalent to 9334.35 INR.

Stage A

Initial Fee = (4.4% + Fixed fee) * taxes as per Indian Government (Currently 18% GST)

= (4.4% of 103.6 GBP + 0.2 GBP ) x 1.18
= (4.5584 + 0.2 ) x 1.18
= 4.7584 x 1.18
= 5.614912 GBP
= 5.62 GBP was charged

So, my Paypal amount is now 97.98 GBP (103.6 – 5.62 = 97.98)

Stage B

Now for some vague reason, Paypal India stores money in USD as base currency, so My Paypal balance showed 131.64 USD instead of 97.98 GBP. The important point to note here is that value of 131.64 USD at that moment was 95.22 GBP
When I argued Paypal support guys over this conversion, first of all they did not have an answer so they assumed some different question on their own. Later on they told me:

Thank you for your reply. I know that it can be confusing when you believe that you were charged more than you should have been in fees, but I am here to help!

PayPal uses the most up-to-date conversion rates at the time that a transaction is processed, however conversion rates are fluctuating constantly, which could explain why there is a difference in conversion rates that you are seeing.

I apologize for any frustrating this situation may have caused you. -Sarah

Somebody tell me when was the last time you saw a fluctuation of 2.812% in USD-GBP index in 24hr span?
So at present scenario I am left with 131.64 USD in my Paypal balance.

Stage 3

Now I wanted that money to sit in my bank account, so obviously I needed to withdraw in INR. I requested for a withdrawal and I was bound to acknowledge a sum credit of INR 8,242.53 (Of course 4% Fee is charged for Currency Conversion to INR)
so How much I got in Total – 8,242.53 INR!
We had started with 9,334.35 INR and I received 8,242.53 INR at the end which means a total of 1,091.82 INR (11.697% ) was somewhere lost in between in form of fees or taxes.

Summary of Fees and Charges vs Money lost in each stage using Paypal

Remark Amt. Amount of Money leaked
What client paid 103.60 GBP NIL
PayPal Fees -5.62 GBP 5.425%
What I received 97.98 GBP 5.425%
Paypal Balance 131.64 USD 8.088%
What I ultimately received 8,242.53 INR 11.697%

Here is the reference sheet –